What Do You Believe, and Does It Serve You?

Have you noticed my recent blog posts have been building on a certain theme?  Each one is written to take you deeper and deeper into your healing.  My intent is to help you tackle your core issues and accelerate your healing.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  I think so!  

Today, let’s talk about what we believe.  It’s more important than you might think.  

Unfortunately, abused children are told many lies.  Children are sponges, and they’re born into this world, trusting their parents and caretakers.  It’s only natural for them to absorb and believe everything they’re taught.  Even if what they’re taught isn’t true.   

Every single thing we do is a direct response to what we believe.  Everything we say and think is also based on these core beliefs.  So my question to you is what do you believe?

Unless you’re consciously choosing healthy beliefs, creating new habits...

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