Life is Constantly Trying to Teach You, You Just Need to Listen

Life will constantly present you with situations in which there is a lesson to be learned, a feeling to be acknowledged, a truth to be set free. These situations come in many different forms, like a bad relationship, a bump in your career, a triggering memory, even just a casual conversation with someone that brings up an issue for you.
It might feel like there are no breaks from these situations, it might seem like you are constantly battling these tough moments. And you might be exhausted from them, feeling frustrated and annoyed that these things aren't going your way and it makes you dread the future, having to deal with more and more.
But the truth is, with each challenge you face, you are developing an important strength. You are developing resilience, something we can't develop without real life experiences to practice, grow, and gain wisdom. These bumps in the road are completely necessary for your healing, for gaining life experience, for growing up. And you cannot keep them from happening. So the thing to do is not to dread them and get angry when they happen. The thing to do is to step back and take a deeper look when a bump happen. You have to ask yourself, "What is the lesson here? What do I need to learn from this so that it doesn't happen again? How am I attracting this particular situation into my life?"
When you start asking these questions, the tough moments in life become a lot less difficult. Because you will see them as helping you in some way, not trying to hurt you. So do not be afraid of the hard times because they exist to show you something you are missing, to teach you how to be an even better you. If life is the ocean and you are the ship, like any good sailor you have to come to terms with the fact that you cannot avoid the stormy parts of the sea and the fact that while they are hard and scary to go through, there is always light and calm on the other side. And because you have weathered that terrible storm, not only did you recover, adapt, and keep going, now you are able to truly appreciate the sun on your face, the calm beneath your ship, and the wind in your sails pushing you onward on your journey.
And as you journey on, you know it is just a matter of time until you are faced with another storm. But with each storm behind you, you are that much more prepared for the next one on the horizon. And maybe next time, you'll look forward to the challenge.

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