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Testimonials From Current and Former Clients

"Svava’s impact on my life and my healing journey is beyond measure.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a victim of abuse or who knows a victim.  I overcame depression, anxiety, fear, and self-loathing in large part because of her mentorship, support, and guidance.  I cannot imagine myself having achieved the milestones in recovery and healing that I achieved without having known Svava and having been a part of her support group.  I am immeasurably healthier and happier for having worked with her." - M.M

"As a survivor of long term trauma as a child, Svava has modeled for me how to live in the present, how to love myself in all of my imperfections. She genuinely demonstrates what unconditional love looks like." - W.W.

"Svava's gentle manner gave me the confidence to start the recovery process of abuse during my childhood, that had been deeply buried for over 50 years. Her website and resources are invaluable to me during this journey." - P.G.

"In 2013, following 42 years of silence, I finally disclosed the dark secret that I had been sexually assaulted and abused when I was a child. Since that time, I have been dedicated to my healing journey. Svava Brooks has been a most kind, compassionate, and empathetic healer. From one male victim/survivor/thriver to another, Svava's voice resonates for me loud and clear. Whether it be a blog update, a newsletter, or a personal conversation, Svava's input has been influential in my journey. I am eternally grateful for her support and the work that she does!" - A.S.

"Svava Brooks is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.  She has a natural ability to not only hear what you have to say but understand.  Her level of empathy and wisdom goes beyond the ordinary.  She got me to open up and talk about my past in such a positive way that I soon was able to deal with my abuse.  Again, I just cannot say enough about Svava Brooks." - J. M.

"Svava's compassion and unlimited support as a coach provides a safe space for me to explore things and issues that are very scary as a child abuse survivor. Because she walked in my shoes, her insight and understanding cannot be compared to the regular therapy relationship. Her work with me provides help, support, and healing to a completely different level, which aids me in my healing journey. After my coaching sessions with her, I felt more confident, less fear, and more compassionate toward myself. Now I understand why I struggled for so many years with feeling good about me!" - M.O.

"Dearest Svava, the work that you do and the wonderful person you are make the world a better place!  Thank you for helping my husband (and family) begin the healing process.  You will forever be a light in our eyes!" - S.

"Svava is amazing - full of so much love and compassion and wisdom. She has walked the walk of healing from significant childhood abuse. She is able to hold a safe space for you to be seen and heard, without shaming you. She gently encourages you, and empowers you to believe in you and care for you. As a survivor of SRA, it was important for me to build trust and rapport. Svava never rushes you or condemns you. She is also authentic about her journey and challenges. She is passionate about helping others and continues her learning to keep abreast of the latest discoveries in helping people who have experienced trauma. I highly recommend Svava. Both her one-on-one counseling and her support groups are encouraging, nurturing, safe environments." - J.D.

"Svava is a very conscious and compassionate individual. She is completely present when she’s speaking with you, and you feel deeply heard. For those of us who were abused, that is an uncommon experience. By listening deeply, Svava gives back to you the gift of yourself. At 60, I was ready to face some very uncomfortable truths about myself and change the direction of my life. The members of this group are highly conscious people. Very supportive, humorous, understanding, and gentle.  Svava makes it safe for you to do the same. She has been one of the great gifts and blessings of this year! Many thanks, Svava, for all you have done." - P.S.

Testimonials For Teaching, Presentations, and Books

"We were very impressed by the depth of Svava’s knowledge and how compassionately and efficiently she presented a large amount information on this difficult subject. We have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who participated. Without exception, every one of the webinar’s attendees learned a tremendous amount from Svava. Thank you again for the amazing presentation!" - Lisa Phelps, Youth Protection Advocates in Dance

"I would like to thoughtfully recommend Svava’s CSA presentation to all parents, teachers, and childcare providers at Pilgrim Children's Center.  It is informative without being threatening.  It is helpful and thoughtful.  You will be glad this presentation crossed your path." - A.K.L.

"I had the good fortune of having a one-on-one online chat with Svava during one of her webinars.  At the time I was having an inner discussion about a relative who was raising red flags with his behavior towards my daughter.  Svava was able to validate my concerns and provided facts that helped me notice even more than I was previously aware of.  Anyone concerned with the well-being of oneself, one's children, family, friends, and community would greatly benefit from her wealth of knowledge." - V.K.

"As a survivor of CSA and a trauma therapist, I love this book and use it with my clients in session and for myself. It's amazing how at the end of a session, I hand my client this wonderful book and they randomly choose a page and entry. That entry always speaks directly to what they needed to hear. I highly recommend the inspiring entries Svava's book offers. Thank you Svava!" - T.D.

"I would highly recommend Svava’s presentation to anyone who is a parent, anyone who plans to be a parent, or anyone in a position to teach children these important tools so that we as a community can protect them and help them protect themselves." - C.S.

"We attended a presentation about child sexual abuse and prevention lead by Svava Brooks.  Svava engages her audience with personal experience, while weaving in statistics and facts about child sexual abuse.  We highly recommend this presentation to all parents and adults who are responsible for children." - L.K.L.

"I am grateful for this book and its author, Svava Brooks. This book is filled with so much compassion and understanding that only another trauma survivor is able to put into words. It provides awareness, kindness and love to anyone working and walking through the healing journey in their life after trauma. I bought a copy for myself and gave a copy as a gift to my therapist to share with her other clients. I highly recommend this book." - A.C.


"A female child sexual abuse survivor in the 12-step recovery community asked me how I ‘came out.’  I thought for a minute and realized attending Svava's support group at Center for Community Solutions gave me that ability just one year ago!  Someone with ‘lived experience’ leading the charge in such a definitive and unashamed manner is like seeing a beacon experience that I too can attain." - A.S.

"Such an important message and so beautifully delivered (video series).  The compassion is palpable. What an inspiration. Thank you, Svava, for your courage and compassion." - T.R.

"Brilliant! What a blessing to the cause of keeping our children safe that Svava is! Her knowledge on the process of becoming an effective Darkness to Light facilitator couldn’t have been taught by a better angel advocate!" - D.W.

"I love how Svava helps abuse survivors take a daily approach to healing by giving journal prompts that really get you thinking and discovering the positive within. Written by someone who has engaged in many years of healing and truly cares about helping the reader walk through their own journey -- what sticks out is that every word comes from her heart. Thank you Svava for writing this book, I know it will help those who are ready to discover their authentic self and beyond." - L.P.

"Bottom line, this author will hold your hand as you walk through the dark places and you will KNOW that those feelings cannot hurt you now so you are free to develop into the person who has been struggling to show itself!" - D.B.


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