Svava Brooks, International Speaker

Svava Brooks has given presentations, interviews, and speeches in different countries on the topics of abuse, trauma, and healing.

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Keynote Speaker Liberty House Fundraiser 2015

The Grass Gets Greener Podcast, Interview With Melissa Wilson

The Erica Glessing Show, Podcast Interview

The Erica Glessing Show, Podcast Interview #2

Written/Audio Interviews

Interview with Bruce Van Horn (Audio)

From the Life is a Marathon podcast. Bruce and Svava talk about life after sexual abuse, Svava's own experience of sexual abuse as a child, and several behaviors to be aware of that are common indicators that someone is being abused, and also of those who might be the perpetrators of abuse.

Interview with Dr. Hope Ferdowsian

Dr. Hope and Svava discuss her own healing journey, some of the ways to work with others to prevent, end, and heal from child abuse, why Svava wrote her two self-help healing books, how adopting a vegan diet was a part of her healing, and how to embrace your vulnerability.

Interview with Beyond Your Past (Audio)

Svava discusses her blog post about the 7 steps to help you get unstuck and move forward in healing from trauma, how each step builds upon the other, and how to apply these principles in your own healing journey and actually embody and live each one to move forward in your healing journey.

Interview with Surviving My Past (Audio)

In honor of National Child Abuse Prevention month, Matt and Svava dive into the 5 Steps of Protecting Our Children, as outlined by Darkness to Light, and discuss what tools are readily available for anyone wanting to educating themselves and how to begin the conversation of talking and educating our kids.

Interview with Debra Graugnard, While We Were Silent (Video)

Sparked by events that fueled the #MeToo movement, Debra asks experts to share why they survivors stay silent for so long what the effects are of silently holding onto trauma that ripple into the lives of the abused. Debra and Svava also discuss resources for overcoming the trauma of sexual abuse through the arts, body work, energy healing, and spiritual connection.

Interview with Diane Cranley of TAALK (Audio)

Diane, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, and Svava discuss the basics about the child sexual abuse epidemic including the prevalence, consequences, grooming behaviors, signs in abused children, what to do if you suspect abuse and your role in resolving the epidemic, and giving yourself permission to see the truth.

Interview with Cissy White of Heal Write Now

Cissy and Svava discuss why she cares so much about trauma, the ACE's Study and how it has impacted her work and her life, how Svava sees the trauma treatment field changing, and the Journey to the Heart trauma healing summit.

Interview with Self-Care For The Soul (Audio)

Svava talks about her response to childhood sexual abuse by becoming “Little Miss Perfect,” feeling responsible for everything happening in her environment, and attempting to hide any evidence that something could be wrong. Svava discusses struggling to make sense of becoming a grown-up while feeling so much self-loathing and shame.


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