Inner Child Work

Reconnecting and Healing Your Relationship With Your Inner Child


What is Inner Child Work?

The concept of the "inner child" revolves around the idea that within each of us is an unconscious part that still reflects the child we once were, manifesting as certain behaviors, personality characteristics, even actions we make in our day to day lives.

Trauma stunts your emotional growth. If a traumatic event occurs to us at a young age, or at multiple varying times in our childhood, we end up carrying the unexpressed pain and emotion felt and then repressed by ourselves at that age, as children do not know how to express and examine trauma. So the event is suppressed in the mind and body, needing to be released when we are adults and capable of examining complex emotions.

To put it simply, connecting with your inner child and his/her emotions and memories allows you to find the roots of your issues as an adult. The inner child can repress many things, emotions, memories, physical pain, beliefs about the self or other people, all of which continue to exist within you as an adult, influencing you without your knowing, recreating stories of trauma in your life, sabotaging your ability to find peace and healing until it feels validated and heard. Inner child work is vital to revealing these long-held beliefs and emotions in order to gain clarity over how you act out of them daily and to release them as they no longer have a place in your life.

Who Can It Benefit and How?

Survivors of childhood abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual) or anyone struggling with:

Depression and anxiety, anger management issues, poor self-esteem, overly self-critical behavior, self-sabotaging behavior, emotional numbness, abandonment issues, personality disorders, relationship/marital issues.

Benefits include:

Reconnecting with emotions you have been numbed to, accessing repressed memories that might be causing self-sabotage, gaining back your sense of personal power and personal boundaries, learning self- love, self-care, and self-compassion, gaining self-confidence, releasing toxic repressed emotions, recognizing unmet needs with you and how to take care of them, recognizing unhealthy patterns and behaviors in your life, reconnecting with your most playful, loving, open-minded, eager self.

Is This Your First Inner Child Work Session?

Before your first session, Svava will conduct a FREE 30-minute online consultation with you to assess your needs based on your level of trauma and current state of healing.

Pricing Options

*If you haven't had a session with Svava, please schedule your free consultation first.

Single Session



Private 60 Minute Session

  • Learn to have your feelings in a safe space, with a safe person
  • Receive help with understanding your reactions to a triggering event
  • Learn how to speak to your inner child and how to translate what he/she is trying to tell you
  • Gain clarity over how your inner child is interfering in your life

3-Session Bundle



3 Sessions to Dig Deeper

  • Experience a deeper connection with your inner child
  • Strengthen your capacity to feel
  • Create a foundation of compassion and understanding towards your inner child for a happier relationship
  • Delve deeper into memories and traumas that your inner child is acting up around
  • Create new habits to ensure a loving relationship between you and inner child and to ensure that your adult self is the one in control moving forward

12-Month Commitment



24/7 Inner Child Healing Coach

  • 2 sessions per month, each 60 min.
  • Each session is recorded for your healing library
  • In between our meetings you are given assignments
  • Access to private FB group of fellow survivors for support
  • Results are clear, clients with consistent monthly work experience the biggest breakthroughs
  • Like exercise, inner child work requires consistency and patience for the greatest results
  • Requires a time commitment to create new habits, to form new neural pathways, to “build new muscle” of healing, so to speak

  • Become truly comfortable with your feelings, build a lasting emotional endurance
  • Use a steady plan to keep you accountable until the new habits, skills, beliefs have become cemented to live a more balanced, loving life

Find Out How Inner Child Work Can Help You

Reconnect with your inner child to create and nurture a loving and compassionate relationship with parts of yourself that are still hurting from your past traumas.


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