Will I Ever Be Happy Again?

My heart sings with happiness every day. Why? Because I focus on the things that make me happy and give me joy. I do this on purpose. It’s an intentional action. Not something that just happens.

To be honest, feeling joyful isn’t easy for me. I’m not one of those naturally happy people, who leaps out of bed every morning with a smile on her face. For too many years, I was bound by shame and couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be happy or joyful. I didn’t feel worthy of happiness.

Back then, I wanted everyone else to make me happy. However, that’s not how happiness works, so I was always disappointed. I expected things to go wrong, to be betrayed, abandoned, and ignored. It took a long time to get to the happy, joyous place I’m at right now.

How did I do it? Through the simple practice of self-care and self-love.

The secret to happiness is to do at least one simple thing every day that makes you happy and gives you joy. It can be anything, like playing with your cat or dog, reading an inspirational book or your Bible, working in your garden or at your favorite hobby, etc. You choose.

Just doing this every day for as little as 30 minutes will shift your energy from sadness to joy. That’s important, because survivors of child abuse tend to major on satisfying the needs of everyone else. We work ourselves to exhaustion, making sure others are happy by placing their needs ahead of our own.

It’s no wonder we’re miserable and depressed. Not only were we emotionally abandoned as abused children, but now we’ve abandoned ourselves as adults.

Stop doing that! You’re just as worthy of happiness as any human being on this planet. Start acting that way. Put yourself at the top of your daily priority list. Do all the simple things that give YOU joy. Making yourself happy is your responsibility. That’s the true path to happiness.

Your joyous transformation won’t happen overnight, but don’t give up. Consistency is the key. Keep working at it. Eventually, your heart will sing with happiness every day, too. You’ll see!

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