Parenting Your Inner Child


Becoming a loving, caring, nurturing parent to your inner child can be scary at first. This child remembers every minute of the child abuse you survived, even if you’ve blocked out the worst of it. Ouch!

But don’t worry. Your inner child isn’t going to unleash all those horrible memories on you. Instead, it will only be the parts of you that need healing, the parts you have rejected or ignored.

Yes, your inner child is angry. That’s scary, too. Mine was furious. She wasn’t as upset about the abuse from the past as she was the fact that I had rejected her for decades. I kept giving her to other people to love. She didn’t want their love. She wanted mine.

The wonderful thing about making the commitment to do inner child work is you discover just how loving you can be as an adult. In my case, I discovered I was capable of creating safety for this little girl. I could make her a top priority in my life. I could protect her. I could even help her express her negative emotions without allowing her to wallow in self-pity and blame. I had no idea I could do any of this until I tried.

I keep a photo of myself as a child on my nightstand. Seeing her every day helps me stay connected to her. When I look at it, I feel her presence, and she feels mine. That’s usually all she needs to feel safe.

Whenever fear or anxiety appears in my body I know it’s her. All I have to do is ask her what she needs from me. It’s usually a safety issue. I may have taken a big step in my career, or a troublesome situation may have triggered her. She just needs to know I’m there for her and will protect her. I’m her loving parent and always will be.

What I love most about my inner child is that she’s also the part of me connected to God. By loving myself in this way, I’m opening the door to God’s unconditional love. I may be parenting her, but she is teaching me how to love everyone and everything.

Wow. It doesn’t get any better than that, my friends!

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