You Can Heal If You Believe It

depression healing hope trauma Aug 18, 2017

When I began my healing journey, I didn’t know if I could heal. But I was hopeful.

Back then, there were plenty of people who could tell me what was wrong with me and why. They could diagnose me with depression. They could tell me the depression was caused by the trauma I had suffered as an abused child. But few could give me what I needed most at that time: someone who believed I could heal.

And that’s my message for you today. If there’s one belief you need to cultivate after child abuse or trauma, it’s the belief that you can heal.

How do you do it? The same way I did!

I searched until I found survivors who inspired me. These people were able to show me what it looked like to heal after child abuse and trauma. They showed me how to move from barely surviving to gloriously thriving. Their lives had become their healing testimony.

From these courageous survivors, I learned healing from child abuse and trauma is a lifelong process. Even though I’m thriving today as my authentic self and loving every minute of it, I’m still growing and changing. Every week I learn new ways to heal, and every week I heal a little bit more.

All of this began with a decision to surround myself with survivors who inspired me. They believed they could heal, and that’s exactly what they did. Their belief in healing became my belief. And soon I began to heal.

It will be the same for you, too. Surround yourself with survivors you admire. Make these people your role models. They’re the ones who will help you believe you can heal.

Hey, I’m happy to be one of them. I know you can heal, because I healed. And if I can do it, you can, too!


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