Why Mindfulness Is So Important

I just got home from a beautiful retreat on trauma and compassion in Nashville, TN. It was very well organized by the hosts and a very diverse group of people attended. We heard from researchers in the field of trauma and compassion and then spent 2 days immersed in learning about and experiencing compassion through meditation, sharing, and journaling. 

I came away from this experience feeling very moved. I even found myself in tears more than once on the plane ride home as I reflected on the experience, the learning, and the deep authentic sharing that I experienced in the room, both from the presenters and participants. Nothing makes my heart sing like hearing people speaking courageously from their hearts. 

What struck me over and over again, during the many breathing and meditation exercises, was how profound the human experience is in feeling and expressing pain and sadness, even joy and beauty, and what I kept hearing and seeing throughout the weekend was the hope, connection, and profound wisdom that arises as people learn to slow down, connect with their bodies, and be present with themselves and each other. 

The healing journey is rough, it’s bumpy, it has confusing twists and turns, ups and downs. But it is also so wonderful because it is taking you somewhere new, somewhere beautiful. A place where your truest self is free to be as happy as you deserve to be. Because of your past, you may think that life is only going to be hard and painful or that you will never be able to feel free from pain. But I'm here to tell you that it gets better. And it gets better when we learn mindfulness and self-compassion.

Trust me, I know how hard it can be. But when we connect to our bodies, when we slow down enough to ask ourselves questions rooted in compassion and self-care, such as, "What do I need, right here right now? How can I be gentle with myself as I navigate through this hard experience or this painful moment?", mindfulness begins to take place and you will soon become an expert in your body's needs, which is a crucial part of healing. By asking yourself these questions, you are giving your feelings the chance to let themselves be heard and giving yourself the compassion you always needed.

Our feelings are some of the most authentic parts about being human. It is what sets us apart from other species and we are finally just getting comfortable with the thought of feeling them and expressing them. Research shows us that mindfulness and compassion practices can be learned and the impact is very positive. The effect increase one's health and wellness, helps to lower stress, better your outlook on life, rewires your brain, and increases fulfillment in life.  This weekend I got to see images of cells from our brain, witness the impact of stress on brain cells, and hear about the groundbreaking research that is now making its way into mainstream media, about all the positive impacts of mindfulness practice. It improves resilience, increase tolerance, happiness, and improves connection with the self and others. 

But just like any new practice and new habit we want to start, we need to give ourselves some time to both learn and implement a simple practice the works for you and your lifestyle. You have to work hard at the things that are the most important and that includes you and your future. Keep going, my friends, your beautiful destination is not far away. It is actually within reach right now. A simple compassion practice will help you get in touch with your wisdom, your truth, your authentic self. If you are not sure where or how to start, I have written a couple of blog posts about mindfulness, to help you get started. Also, I am also here to serve as guide for you if you would like to get started. In a private session with me, we can record a simple practice that you can then replay to help you to listen to until you are up and running on your own. Here is the link to my calendar: 

There are also many free resources online if you simply google mindfulness or compassion practices. I hope you take some time to look into it. 

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