The Healing Journey Can Be Filled With Uncertainty

So much of the healing journey feels like a break down rather than break through. We hope for things to feel better but often, things just feel worse.

Stepping up to heal your life is an uncertain path at first because what we really want is something or someone to tell us exactly what to do, what to expect, and how to make it through. We want to know what the steps are and exactly what we can expect going through them.

Unfortunately, since survivors are all so different and our experiences are so varied, no one can give you that certainty of exactly how your healing journey is going to unfold. All anyone can tell you is what you can expect and what to do when things get hard.

However, there are certain things, universal things, that all survivors need and that will make it easier to heal:

1. A safe place to tell their story

2. To be believed and validated

3. To be educated about the impact of abuse

4. To be educated about the steps of healing

5. To be encouraged with hope

6. To be supported as they heal

The trick is to find to the people and places in your life that provide you with these things and remove the situations and relationships that do the opposite. They will only prevent your healing and you will continue to feel stuck.

Though there may not be as much certainty as you'd like as you move your way through healing, there is one thing that I am certain of and you should be too. That, yes YOU, can overcome anything life throws at you. You have endless strength within you. You just need to believe. I know that can feel like a tall order on some days but none of us can move forward without the hope that we too can heal. 

And if you can’t seem to believe in yourself today, then know that I do. I believe, without a doubt, that you can overcome and heal from the terrible parts of your past. I don’t just believe, I KNOW. If you are feeling stuck today, be gentle with yourself. Put your hand on your heart and remember, you are not alone on this journey.

And if you don’t believe it, just’ve already survived the worst. You are still here, living and breathing. You have already overcome a terrible obstacle. And you are still standing, my friends. You are already more powerful than you think.

So don't let the other uncertainties prevent you from starting your healing journey or from continuing it. You cannot prevent uncertainty, life is filled with it. But all the certainty you need, all the control you do have in life, is within you. You have all the control to pick your next move. So be certain about yourself. Be certain that you CAN heal because you will. And be certain that it does get easier. That I can promise you.

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