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On Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Trauma, and Healing


Svava Brooks delivers inspirational speeches on the critical subjects of preventing childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and trauma. She does this from a point of view of one who has done the hard work of healing from her own abuse. Her position is one of inspiration and hope as she seeks to inspire and empower youth serving organizations and their constituents with iconoclastic and thought-leading messages about healing; this born of 20 plus years of scholarly work and personal therapy. Svava seeks to end the terrible pandemic of CSA and the impacts it has on generations as well as the deeper impacts it has on how these generations interact with society and beyond.

If you are looking for a powerful, real, and loving voice on CSA and trauma, look to Svava. Svava seeks to expand her message and would be an invaluable resource for your convention, documentary, podcast, radio, or television segment.

Recent Speaking Events

(2018) Liberty House Fundraiser Keynote Speaker, on the importance of prevention.

(2017) ABC House Annual Fundraiser Keynote Speaker, on child abuse intervention.

(2016) Invisible Scars Documentary, Interviewed activist & educator.

(2015) Liberty House Fundraiser Keynote Speaker, on the impact of surviving child sexual abuse.


"We were very impressed by the depth of Svava’s knowledge and how compassionately and efficiently she presented a large amount information on this difficult subject. We have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who participated. Without exception, every one of the attendees learned a tremendous amount from Svava. Thank you again for the amazing presentation!" - Lisa Phelps, Youth Protection Advocates in Dance

"I would highly recommend Svava’s presentation to anyone who is a parent, anyone who plans to be a parent, or anyone in a position to teach children these important tools so that we as a community can protect them and help them protect themselves." - C.S.

"We attended a presentation about child sexual abuse and prevention lead by Svava Brooks. Svava engages her audience with personal experience, while weaving in statistics and facts about child sexual abuse. We highly recommend this presentation to all parents and adults who are responsible for children." - L.K.L.

"I would like to thoughtfully recommend Svava’s CSA presentation to all parents, teachers, and childcare providers at Pilgrim Children's Center.  It is informative without being threatening.  It is helpful and thoughtful.  You will be glad this presentation crossed your path." - A.K.L.



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Svava is an experienced international public speaker on the topics of CSA prevention, trauma science, and healing, known for adding a personal touch to her speaking events and connecting with the audience with her endless warmth, compassion, and hope.


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