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After years of hearing from my clients and followers about how much they enjoy listening to my videos and audios, I decided to create something special: the audiobook of Journey to the Heart, 365-Day Guide to Thriving After Trauma. 

The book was written as a daily guide for survivors of abuse or trauma. Each day features a little bit of “truth” to inspire you to think about a certain aspect of your healing journey.

In every recording that accompanies each day of the book, I read the truth of the day out loud to you and then I go a little bit deeper with a personal story or further explanation about what I mean by that truth. Each of the "truths" are ones I have found helpful in reflecting on my own journey. Because there were certain themes that continued to show up in my life, revisiting them again and again helped me to gain a better perspective and a different insight until none of the "truths" that used to be my triggers would trigger me anymore, at least not in the way they used to in the beginning.

Guidance Whenever and Wherever You Want!

Every day, you read, listen, or both, to the truth of the day, for 365 days. Consider how the truth for that day applies to your past, present, and the trauma you survived.

As you allow each section to sink in, you’ll be taking another step forward on your healing journey. It doesn’t matter where you are in your healing. If you work through this book day by day, you’ll be making measurable progress.

After 365 days, you won’t be the same person you used to be. You’ll no longer be a survivor. You’ll be a thriver. You’ll finally be free. Free from the trauma of your past. Free of limitations. Free to create the life you desire.

And to further support you on this journey, I have created a daily check-in sheet for you to download or that you can use along with your journal, and bonus guided meditation that you can return to any time.

What's Included...

Short daily audio recordings to empower your healing journey

Optional group meetings for more support and deeper learning

Bonus meditations and recordings just for my audio course users

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Benefits of a Daily Guide

I started to finally make progress with my healing when I committed to focusing on it daily and made it a part of my health and wellness plan. 

Starting your day with this audiobook will remind you that you are not the things that happened to you in the past and by choosing to focus on the things you can change now, each day will be about taking care of you. And by focusing on making your healing a priority, you will begin to see that it is worth the effort of slowing things down to notice how you are feeling and becoming aware of the unhelpful thoughts that often set us up for a downward spiral of day. 


Yes, I want this!

Taking responsibility for your healing starts with your awareness. Awareness of how the past shows up in your life today, and one day at a time, reminding yourself how to shift your thoughts, make time to express your feelings in a healthy way, and practice mindful self-compassion as you are creating lasting change. 

In the beginning, you may have to take it slow. But over time, as you retrain your nervous system, it will get easier and easier, I promise.

I hope that sharing my personal stories, examples, and experiences with each prompt of the day will bring these truths closer to home in a relevant and meaningful and supportive way.

Here’s Why You'll Love This Audiobook:


Short, digestible, and impactful sections that work with your schedule

Audiobook format makes it convenient to take it with you wherever you go

It's yours forever, so you can come back to any of the recordings whenever you want, as many times as you want

Personable, relatable, and non-judgemental stories and commentary to make your healing journey safe and personal to just you

Meet your Mentor

Svava Brooks is a survivor of child sexual abuse and the co-founder of a nationwide child sexual abuse prevention and education organization in Iceland called “Blátt áfram.” The mother of three children, Svava has dedicated her life to ending the cycle of child sexual abuse through education, awareness, and helping survivors heal and thrive.

Since 2013, Svava has been holding safe places for her clients "1-on-1" or in groups, online or in-person. Empowering trauma survivors to learn to befriend and listen to their bodies through Reiki, mindful self-compassion, and self-care is deeply meaningful work, as Svava knows from personal experience, from the impact of healing the hurt, to integrating broken parts, to deepening our connection to ourselves and others.

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Hear From Some People That Loved It!

"I loved this audio series. What an amazing tool for reconnecting with the authentic self! Each morning, I looked forward to listening to a new recording. Sometimes, on particularly difficult days, listening multiple times to the same message helped soothe my soul. Svava's unique signature of warmth, wisdom, and encouragement helps trauma survivors lessen that sense of aloneness and aids in setting a daily healing intention."

"Listening to your voice, being read to, is by far a more meaningful, impactful way of receiving this information."

"It was refreshing to hear Svava's voice rather than just reading the pages, and having the video for the meditation was a welcome extra! I found having the audio useful because it helped me to focus on the topic, and some days were so relevant to where I am today and really helped to clarify my understanding. Having used the book several years ago, it was also interesting to see the differences in my approach today. And as ever, I find Svava's voice soothing and reassuring. Thank you!"

"I find the daily format very rewarding and that it acts a constant encouragement on the healing journey but the inclusion of the audio is a great feature that pushes the message in a more user-friendly way."

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  • Hear my personal stories and experiences
  • Make progress with daily reflection and healing work

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  • 365 daily audio recordings (3-6 minutes each)
  • 24 bonus guided meditations
  • 24 worksheets/journal prompts to support deeper learning and understanding
  • Take my voice with you wherever you go
  • Hear my personal stories and experiences
  • Make progress with daily reflection and healing work

Make An Investment In Your Healing Journey

I get it, we all wish that our pain, trauma, and stress will just fade away on its own. It's not fair that it happened to us in the first place, let alone the fact that it's now our responsibility to cope and heal from it. But it truly does get easier once we make the decision to face it, and commit to ourselves that we will do what it takes to take care of ourselves now. You are here now, which means that no matter where you are on your healing journey, you have started on that path. For that, I am proud of you. It's not easy. That is why I wrote this book and created this audiobook. To make healing accessible and to create a safe space for survivors and people just like you to get the support you need to heal and thrive.