Using Mindfulness to Heal From Trauma

“You cannot find yourself by going into the past. You can find yourself by coming into the present.” - Eckhart Tolle

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"Few courses have more effectively turned the course of my struggles with trauma than Svava’s Mindfulness program. Each module came with clear, interactive materials. Mindfulness created the space to develop and practice self-compassion & expand my level of tolerance for the uncomfortable. Svava’s deeply, caring nature modeled this life approach and encouraged a group cohesiveness that has only grown with time. Modules included meditation, education, and group interaction. I highly recommend the Mindfulness program!"


Use Mindfulness Practices to Heal Trauma

Child abuse teaches us to disconnect from our bodies. It’s one of the many ways the body and mind protect us from the pain of the past. The healing journey requires us to learn to be present in the moment, the only place we can effect change. 

Research has consistently shown that mindfulness is an important component of well-being. As a result of these studies, valuable insights about both the effects of mindfulness and the underlying mechanisms have emerged. These studies have shown that the effects of mindfulness are not only attributed to relaxation but also involve complex processes like attention regulation, emotional coping, observation and time perspective.

During this 8 week class, you will learn step-by-step how to use mindfulness as a part of your healing journey. See below what is included in this science-based mindfulness program.

- Session 1: Attention (for the present moment)

- Session 2: Automatic Patterns and Reactivity

- Session 3: Judgment

- Session 4: Conflict / Acceptance

- Session 5: Goals / Future (doing versus results)

- Session 6: Compassion

- Session 7: Ego / Identity

- Session 8: Integration 

"Through Svava Brooks' mindfulness training, I learned how to calm my mind, how to quiet the negative thoughts by focusing on the present. My ability to manage flashbacks and triggers improved by being able to identify when my mind was full of memories and coming back to being mindful. I highly recommend this mindfulness course if it seems the racing thoughts of trauma overtake you. This course is for anyone that finds themselves rushing through life and would like to create a life of inner peace. The information provided by Svava is practical and easy to apply to daily life routines. The materials are rewarding and easy to understand. I was introduced to meditation a few years ago and really struggled with maintaining the stillness it brings, however the encouragement and techniques of breathing that she encourages provided a space of calmness."


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of maintaining awareness of your thoughts and feelings, bodily sensations, surrounding environments, and breath, looking inwardly in moments of silence to listen to our bodies and minds and truly hear what it is saying, without judgment, just acceptance.

Studies show that even just after a few weeks of practicing mindfulness, one can see many benefits, physically, psychologically, and even socially! It can help with focus, compassion, self-esteem, confidence, anxiety, health and can even change our brains for the better. Sounds amazing, right?

The Benefits:

Studies show that practicing mindfulness, even for just a few weeks, can bring many physical, psychological, and social benefits.

Boost Your Brain

Creates positive changes in the brain, boosting the immune system, memory, concentration, and positive emotions.

Positive Change

Known to decrease negative emotions and stress and increase positive emotions, even helpful in fighting depression.


Will help you to identify and ease the pain, anxiety, and stress within yourself and create acceptance and compassion for it.

"The best lesson I took away from the course is the need for awareness, to be more present in the now rather than spend my life on autopilot as I so often find myself doing at the moment. I learned that I need to be okay with who I am and how I’m feeling in the moment instead of wishing I was different."


Here's What You Get

During our 8 weeks together, you'll receive...

Price: $489

Dates:  May 15th, 22nd, 29th, June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and July 3rd.

  • (8) 90 minute live group sessions, one per week, 5 PM PST - 8 PM EST
  • Recorded group sessions for those unable to attend live
  • 8 weekly handouts (PDF)
  • Recorded guided meditations (Audio)
  • Access to a private Facebook group, to chat with a community
  • Connecting with fellow survivors learning about implementing mindfulness 
  • Daily Facebook posts with relevant mindfulness quotes 
  • Weekly Self-Awareness - Mindfulness Log
  • The ability to use me as a resource if you get stuck or need more help
  • A certificate of attendance

Weekly Live Meetings

Once per week, you can join others for a 90 minute lesson and open sharing. Don't worry! This class is recorded if you are not able to attend in person!

Community of Support

Connect with fellow survivors in a closed Facebook group, a community of support, love, and action. Feel heard, validated, and encouraged from people like you.

Help in Accountability

Moving past abuse takes hard work and daily commitment. This community will help you stick to your daily self-care and keep you on the healing journey.

Meet Your Facilitator

Svava Brooks is a Certified TRE® Provider and an Abuse Survivor Coach, a Reiki practitioner with over 20 years of experience of healing after trauma and has written two books on the topic.

Svava has practiced meditation and mindfulness for many years and it is an important part of her client support. 

She wants to help survivors succeed with this mindfulness program, to give survivors the ability to tune into their mind and body to reconnect with themselves, thus fostering true healing.

"I’m trying to write a new story for myself. Instead of telling myself that I have 'failed' in therapy and in my recovery for the past 9 years, I’m trying to tell myself that it wasn’t my fault, and that I did not fail (proof being I 'succeeded' and was helped by this group). I’m trying to see the gray and not see my healing process as black and white, all or nothing. I will take with me the feeling of safety I had in the group and the 'basics' of mindfulness like being present in the moment and the body scan."


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