Why Food Is Part of the Weekend Retreat

A quick note from Svava

Part of mine and my family’s healing journey has also included learning to really get serious about taking care of our physical health through diet and exercise. Along this path, we all became vegan. More recently, we have read the very powerful books, “How Not to Die” and “The China Study.” These books are extensively researched and written by medical doctors and nutrition researchers. And he take away from both is very clear: committing to a whole food, plant-based (and mushrooms, which aren’t plants) diet can keep you from dying of the big three diseases: heart disease, cancer and chronic lung disease. These are considered modern “lifestyle” diseases and they are, according to these extensively researched books, entirely preventable AND reversible in some cases.

That's right. Even if you are already a little sick, and most people are, eating a whole, plant-based diet can even restore the body to a healthy state. We urge you all to read one or both of these books. There is even an app called DailyDozen that lists the “daily dozen” foods you should eat everyday according to the lead author of “How Not to Die,” Dr. Michael Greger.

Beyond healing the body, we see this commitment as a powerful and direct source of self-love. We commit to this path because we want to live a full and healthy life, free of illness and prescription medicines, especially in our later years. This commitment is love, a love we renew everyday through what we put in our bodies.

As best we can with local produce available, this Iceland weekend retreat will focus on this diet. And, we will be talking about specific plant foods that can help you heal from or prevent issues you may have, or may exist in your family of origin.

We encourage you to ask questions throughout the weekend as our cook will be staying on location and will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about a plant-based diet, about which foods are known to cause inflammation and should be avoided, and what foods should be included in your weekly and daily routine to heal your body and strengthen it from the pitfalls of stress, aging, prescriptions, diseases, and even allergies.

Note: We are not claiming to be accredited nutrition experts, but we can share what we have learned and what research is showing us. We hope you feel the difference and take in this love and healing from nature. We believe that the two major things to focus on in life is mental health and psychical health. These represent the pillars of restoration, peace and happiness; one really can’t exist without the other!

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